The Returns Speak for Itself

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Consistent Return Up To Date.

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Alex Lau

Have been using this EA for over a month now. Generated 5% of profit for the 1st month. At first i was not sure if it was going to work as I have many bad experiences. However after asking many of the question regarding the EA, the support team really given me more confidence so I decide to give it a try and the after purchase support is amazing. They have a private facebook group that help you with problem you encounter with the EA.

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When I 1st saw the results  I was highly skeptical, taking baby steps. Overtime, they have shown me that they are honest and trustworthy. My profit is 80% now after 6 month of trading. Highly recommended!

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I've purchase this EA for a while now and so far it's amazing. The support team is always there when you encounter problem. Even when you have issue in installing they even team viewer to help you with all the set up. Happy with the trading results too! I already cover my EA cost in just a few weeks of trading.

Hello There!

My name is Kinki Huang, I am a Lifestyle Forex Trader

I believe you are here because you wanted to look for ways on how you can generate high profit returns in the forex market. 

Well~ Today I am here not to sell you anything but to giveaway my profitable algorithm that have generated consistent profit up to date, verified by myfxbook. All you need to do is to open a LIVE trading account with my Partner Broker (XM) under our affiliate link and we will send you the algorithm for FREE! 


Frequently asked questions

What is Flashtech Automated Algorithm?

Flashtech EA is a scalping software which scalp the market in the 5min timeframe

What is the minimum deposit?

In order to run this EA with min risk, you will need to have a min of 1k USD to run this EA.

What is the Profit per month?

It depend on the market conditions, is around 5% or more.

What is the risk like?

There is an overall % stop loss which you can input base on your own risk management, we will advise you if you do not knowledge on risk management.

Can the EA run in multiple account?

No, each sign up account only come with 1 licence key and it can only work in your register XM trading account.

Do I need any trading knowledge?

It would be great if you have some basic knowledge, but nevertheless We have a private Facebook group which you can post question on the issue you faced and also in the group we have our support team sharing different way of managing the EA to maximum your profit.

Why are you giving this for FREE?

It is a partnership program with our broker as they will be covering the cost of the EA software when someone register a LIVE account with them